Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Webinar and demo of Distributed OSGi (RFC 119) on Tue April 28

Just to let y'all know... I'll be doing a webinar and demo of Distributed Services OSGi on Tuesday April 28.
Distributed OSGi is a major new feature in the OSGi 4.2 specification. For more info, see http://fusesource.com/resources/video-archived-webinars

The demo will be done using the Apache CXF Reference Implementation.
Registration and attendance is free :)

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Nirmal said...

Hi David,

I am trying to create CXF DOSGI RESTful interface through annotations. I have 3 bundles, one interface, one implementation and other is client.

My interface is

FileDirectory saveAndReturnFile(MultipartBody File);

I have an implementation and it is exposing osgi serivce.When I call the client, the bundle doesnt resolve because of uses conflict.

Resolver report:
Uses violation: in bundle
Resolver reported uses conflict for import. This package is only available in cxf-dosgi-lib. I have little experience in OSGi.Please let me know your thoughts.