Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Apache Felix Framework 4.4.0 provides full OSGi Core R5 support

Felix Framework 4.4.0 was released today (http://felix.apache.org/news.html) and now provides for OSGi Core R5 support. From a features point of view, it means that the following R5 features are now fully supported:
  • New org.osgi.framework.UnfilteredServiceListener interface
  • New org.osgi.framework.VersionRange class
  • The Resource API and it's use in the Wiring API
  • New osgi.identity namespace
  • New value and new default for org.osgi.framework.bsnversion framework property
  • support for static valueOf methods in the Filter
  • Enhanced Bundle.adapt() to support AccessControlContext
  • Updates to the Bundle Hook Specification (Bundle Collision Hook)
But the main benefit as I see it that we can now run OSGi Subsystems, such as the Apache Aries implementation, on Apache Felix! For more details on that see this blog post: http://coderthoughts.blogspot.com/2014/01/osgi-subsytems-on-apache-felix.html

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